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Supply chain protection
Our commitment to you

Number one priority

Workchain is dedicated to providing compliant workforce solutions to your business.

Our technology enables us to guarantee compliance in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Each & every day we are hard at work trying to bring new ideas to life that offer continued protection to your business.

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Starting off on the right foot

Worker registration

Dual worker approval

When our workers sign up they must submit a series of documents to support their registration. Unless they are approved by 2 independent Workchain departments, their registration will not be successful.

Initial document checks cover:

  • Worker Identification
  • Right to Work in the UK
  • Driving Licence & other driving documents
  • Full DVLA Check
  • HMRC documentation
Fact Check

Before the first assignment

Background checks

2 years’ work history

All workers must provide a minimum of 2 years’ work history before they can be approved for flexible work.

We check the facts

As part of our rigorous approval procedure we contact 2 of the work referees provided by each worker. These work references must be provided to our satisfaction in order for us to approve a worker’s registration.

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Once approved

Workers' rights compliance

Our technology ensures that we keep you compliant with all workers’ rights legislation.

Minimum wage

Our system controls the minimum pay rate that will be paid to each worker. This gives you 100% protection from human error & full compliance with NMW legislation.

Agency Worker Regulations (AWR)

Full automation of the 12-week qualifying clock guarantees our compliance with the equal pay provisions of AWR. Our system prevents us from assigning a worker to you after 12 weeks unless a compliant AWR solution is in place.

Auto-Enrolment Pensions

All of our employed workers are auto-enrolled into a workplace pension scheme. We meet all statutory employer pension contributions.

Holiday Entitlement

Each hour of work completed by an employed worker accrues holiday at the statutory minimum entitlement.

Out on the road

Driver compliance

Through technology we have automated many of the tasks related to driver compliance.

Quarterly DVLA checks

DVLA Checks are carried out every 3 months in relation to every driver we send to you. Without these checks being up-to-date, Workchain will not allow a worker to be assigned to your business.

Insurance criteria matching

Workchain knows our insurance criteria & it also knows about our drivers. If we provide additional insurance to you, Workchain will never allow a driver to be assigned to you who does not match our insurer’s criteria.

Piggy Bank

Protecting you financially

Payroll compliance

Our methods of payrolling workers give you complete peace of mind.

No Suspect Payroll

At Workchain we do not engage in any risky methods of paying our workers. We do not engage in any models of false self-employment or seek to disguise remuneration as expenses. No umbrella companies, no offshore arrangements, no hidden tax bills.

PAYE or Limited Company

We only engage workers through 2 methods of payment. We predominantly payroll our workers through the PAYE system. If a worker chooses to operate through their own limited company, they can do so subject to rigorous checks & HMRC reporting.

“Knowing that I’m protecting our business & yours from unnecessary risks allows me to sleep at night.”

Adam Hinkley
Operations Director


Supply chain safety

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