Alana's Libra story

In her first year Alana has doubled her salary and managed to purchase her forever home.


How has your first year been with Libra?

In my first year alone I have doubled my salary enabling me to save money and purchase our ‘forever’ family home which is currently being built for us to move into early part of next year, this is something I would never have been able to do before joining the Libra Partnership as here in Kent alone property rent prices are at an all time high and with a young family we have always rented with not much potential to get onto the property ladder.

Has being a Libra Partner made any differences to your lifestyle?

Most valuable to me is the time I have gained, time that that I would never have got back with my son who is 3 and daughter who is 1, the flexibility of the Libra Partnership has allowed me to be more present I now collect my children from nursery, we have dinner together as a family and we have gained quality time together in the evenings and weekends before working 50+ hours in an office this was never achievable.

What were the obstacles to starting out on your own?

Setting up my own business was completely alien to me, juggling all of the extra responsibility on top of having a young family was daunting.

How did you find the setup process, and making the switch to Libra?

I, like most was sceptical at first thinking that this is way to good to be true, but wow am I glad I came on board. The team are fantastic, the technology is second to none and the relationships and lifestyle I have gained has been genuinely life changing for me.

What's your favourite thing about being self-employed with Libra?

The best part of Libra is that I can be self-employed and run my own business with complete freedom to stabilise and increase my earnings. You really do get out all the efforts that you put into your business, reap the rewards of your own successes.

What differences has our software made to how you work?

It's without doubt the best recruitment system I've used and there’s been a few! The process is effortless, the compliance is faultless and the experience my clients and candidates have with our bespoke system is amazing.

Any tips or advice for somebody who is considering starting up on Libra?

Don’t dither and go for it I promise you won’t regret it! Here’s to your happy and successful future with the Libra Partnership.

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