Harry's Libra story

Harry has already earned more within 6 months of joining Libra than he did in all of last year.


How long have you worked in the recruitment industry?

I've been working in recruitment for just over 6 years.

When did you first consider starting your own recruitment agency?

After about a year of working at my first recruitment agency.

What were the obstacles to starting out on your own?

Before I set up my own business I wanted to gain as much experience as possible to ensure I could feel confident in my ability to go it alone, and also build up my network of contacts. But even after doing this I was unsure of the best way to get started.

How have you found the setup process, and making the switch to Libra?

It's been surprisingly simple. I've heard of other companies that allow you to set up your own agency but there's a lot of complicated finances and contracts involved. Getting started with Libra was really straight forward, took no time at all and required no financial commitment.

How have you found the support with Libra?

When I was setting up my business I had plenty of questions and wanted some advice on how to develop my business strategy. The Workchain team always made time for me and provided invaluable tips to grow my business.

What differences has our software made to how you work?

The major difference is the speed i'm able to work at. Signing up a worker is now a ten minute job and can be all done online. Approving a timesheet and filling bookings can now all be done with a few clicks. It means I can get more work done but in less time.

What would you say about your earnings on Libra?

With Libra I'm able to recruit in much higher numbers, which means i'm able to earn more. In 6 months of joining I've already earned more than what I earned in the whole of last year.

What's your favourite thing about being self-employed with Libra?

If i'm being totally honest, it's the increased income. I'm not having to work any harder than I have at other jobs, but I'm rewarded better financially with Libra.

Has being a Libra Partner made any differences to your lifestyle?

I see this more of lifestyle than a job, as I can work from anywhere which gives me more work-life flexibility. It's also enabled me to get a deposit together to buy my first house much quicker.

Any tips or advice for somebody who is considering starting up on Libra?

It's a no-brainer. It's so easy to get started and you'll be earning more money in no time!

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