Andy's Libra story

Andy took the plunge with Libra and has already doubled his monthly income.


How long have you worked in the recruitment industry?

I've worked in the recruitment industry for 10 years since graduating from Uni.

When did you first consider starting your own recruitment agency?

Starting my own agency first crossed my mind about 2 years ago, and felt like the natural next step in my career.

What were the obstacles to starting out on your own?

The initial dilemma was finding the cash flow to get things started, and being unsure if I wanted to take on the extra pressure and risk of a large business loan.

How have you found the setup process, and making the switch to Libra?

It was so simple, and I was up and running within a day. Being honest, it seemed too good to be true when I first heard about it. But they've delivered on every promise so far!

How have you found the support with Libra?

It's been a great balance between being able to do things my way but also know I've got people behind me to offer advice when I need it. The set up was very well structured and I've been able to contact the team around the clock with any questions I've had.

What differences has our software made to how you work?

It's a revelation! I've never used a recruitment system as intuitive, it makes my job and life so much easier. I'm able to complete jobs that would take an hour in my old job in around 5 minutes. I can't imagine using anything else now!

What would you say about your earnings on Libra?

It's been a very pleasant surprise, I hit the ground running by utilizing my contacts from previous jobs and I've already been able to double my monthly earnings!

What's your favourite thing about being self-employed with Libra?

The flexibility. I can choose when I work. I recently went away with my girlfriend and just did 3 hours work every day and still earned the same as I would have earned doing a full week's work at my old job.

Has being a Libra Partner made any differences to your lifestyle?

Again, it's having the flexibility and freedom. No more 9-5, and within the recruitment industry a lot of work happens outside these hours anyway. So, it means I can prioritise my work-life when I know I will be most productive.

Any tips or advice for somebody who is considering starting up on Libra?

Just go for it! I wish I'd known about it sooner. It's been a real eye-opener and I can't believe this concept hasn't been done before. The risks are pretty low as you keep the first £500 profit each week - which is a nice financial fallback to have.

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