Richard's Libra story

Richard has revolutionised his lifestyle with Libra, allowing him to spend more time with his family.


How has your first year been with Libra?

It's been great, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and can see just how easy it is to make it work. The earning potential is fantastic and I feel I have only really scratched the surface with the money that I am earning.

Has being a Libra Partner made any differences to your lifestyle?

Totally transformed things. The amount of freedom I now have is amazing. One of the reasons I started was because I needed to support my family a bit more due to a health issue that my wife was going through. Being a Libra partner has allowed me the opportunity to be there for her and our children more than would have been possible whilst working set hours in an office.

What were the obstacles to starting out on your own?

The capital needed to start up and the fact that I would have had to build everything from scratch. With Libra these are not issues as all I needed was a phone and a laptop, everything else was taken care of.

How did you find the setup process, and making the switch to Libra?

Very simple, the incubation period at the very beginning was amazing and left no stone unturned with regards to processes, procedures and the building of confidence.

I am not the most computer savvy of people and find learning new CRMs can be bit of a nightmare, but the Workchain portal is really user friendly and well designed.

What would you say about your earnings on Libra?

In a word "staggering". With much fewer overheads than a standard high street agency or similar, it's clear that the earning potential is much higher for doing much the same... if not less!

What's your favourite thing about being self-employed with Libra?

The extra freedom that comes with the role and the fact that the back end / back office is looked after by Workchain. I also greatly appreciate just how supportive the Workchain staff are, both operationally and in the finance department.

It was always likely to be a bit stressful going from earning a basic salary to self-employed earnings but I feel that the pros far outweigh the cons.

What differences has our software made to how you work?

With the whole operation being carried out via the Workchain portal, it's possible to work from anywhere. It also speeds up the entire process, meaning that the temporary workers get paid earlier in the week than they are used to.

Any tips or advice for somebody who is considering starting up on Libra?

Take the plunge and just do it! Workchain's presence is ever-growing and I can only see the reputation of the business and the market share increasing.

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