Jen's Libra story

Jen saves hours each day using our system, meaning she can fill more shifts and earn more money.


How long have you worked in the recruitment industry?

I've worked in the industry for the last 7 years.

When did you first consider starting your own recruitment agency?

It wasn't something I had really considered whilst working, but after being made redundant I started exploring new possibilities.

What were the obstacles to starting out on your own?

The main concern I had was could I financially afford to be self-employed while my business got off the ground in the first few months, and could I cover the additional overhead costs.

How have you found the setup process, and making the switch to Libra?

It's been a really smooth transition into self-employment. All the steps were outlined for me in a concise document, which saved me hours of research time.

How have you found the support with Libra?

Everyone at Workchain has been incredibly helpful from the offset. Ryan has been a great help in getting me set up on the system and it's a real benefit having such an experienced team to fall back on for advice.

What differences has our software made to how you work?

I've never had the opportunity to use such a comprehensive system before, and having such useful tools available 24/7 has streamlined the way I can work. I'm now able to work more efficiently and have a better work-life balance.

What would you say about your earnings on Libra?

Becoming a Libra partner enabled me to take home more of what I bring in, and it's comforting knowing I can earn £500 fee free each month as a fall back.

What's your favourite thing about being self-employed with Libra?

It's definitely how streamlined my work process has become by using the Workchain system. It saves me hours each day, which means I can fill more bookings and earn more money.

Has being a Libra Partner made any differences to your lifestyle?

It's had a big impact on my working life. Typically I was commuting 2 hours every day, whereas I have much more time for social activities and being more active rather than sat in an office all day.

Any tips or advice for somebody who is considering starting up on Libra?

I recommend it to all my friends, it's totally transformed my approach to work.

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