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Libra helps you to start your own recruitment agency with no cost and maximise what you earn.

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Increase your earnings

Take the lion's share

As a Libra partner, you will always take the majority of the income your business earns.

Get started for free

Get started for free

You can start your recruitment agency on Libra completely free. All you need is a laptop, internet connection and smartphone.
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£500 per week free

£500 per week free

The first £500 that you earn each week is yours. So, you get our software and business services completely free.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

Once you earn over £500 in any week, you will start to pay our fees. That’s the only fee you will ever pay. No nasty business loans or hidden costs.


I’ve earned more in 6 months of being a Libra partner than I did in all of last year.

Harry, Leeds

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Control what you earn

Grow and enjoy your profits

As we provide everything your business is ever going to need, you don’t need to leave lots of profit in the business.

Automated pricing advice

What you charge for your services is always up to you. If you want some help, we have tools that recommend charge rates based on the roles you’re recruiting for.
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Earn extra money when you need it

Libra is completely flexible in terms of the hours and days you work. Got a big expense coming up? Work extra hours to grow your profits and fund your lifestyle.

All the benefits without the hassle

Run your business with confidence

Access expert tax advice

Access expert tax advice

As a Libra partner, you will have access to expert tax advice helping you to stay compliant whilst minimising your tax liabilities. Our professional advisors help you to earn more without hassle.

Accountancy covered

Accountancy covered

Libra partners are also entitled to free accountancy cover, meaning that your accounts and tax returns and all other statutory submissions are completed and filed on your behalf.

Maximise your earnings
Free financial advice
Completely hassle-free

Your questions answered

How much does it cost to run my recruitment agency on Libra?

There are no set up costs to join Libra. It is also completely free to run your recruitment agency on Libra until you earn more than £500 per week. So, as long as you stay under this weekly threshold, we will provide your business finance, software, payroll, invoicing and much more free of charge.

If you exceed the £500 threshold, our fees are then based on the profits that you generate.

When will I get paid?

Whatever you earn on Libra in a given month is paid within a couple of day’s of the end of that month. So, if you got started in, say, June, your first earnings would be paid into your designated bank account by 5th July.

How much can I earn on Libra?

How much you earn will depend on a number of factors: how many days and hours you put in and how successful you are. The first £500 of weekly profit that you generate is yours and thereafter the profits are shared.

As a Libra Partner you always take the lion’s share of the profit and given that all of your costs are covered by your fee, you’ll be able to enjoy your profits without having to worry about investing it back into the business.

Do I need an accountant?

As a Libra Partner, you will get free tax & accountancy services for your business. All of this is taken care of for you. We put you in touch with our professional advisors who will talk you through everything you need to know, what records to keep and anything else you need to be aware of. Their aim will be to make it as hassle-free as possible whilst also maximizing the earnings that you get to keep.