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Switch to our Libra partnership and be running your own recruitment business in under an hour.

Take control

Become your
own boss

Workchain’s Libra business model is an opportunity for experienced recruiters who are considering starting their own agency.

We make the transition into self-employment seamless with zero capital outlay. As a Libra partner you can start your own recruitment business in any sector under the Workchain brand in less than an hour.

  • No capital outlay
  • Operate in any business sector
  • Recruit temp or perm staff
Become your own boss
No capital outlay

In it together

Supported every step of the way

Libra partners get to focus on what they’re best at – converting clients and placing workers. Meanwhile, we look after everything from finance to marketing, technical development and sales.

Libra partnerships allow you to work the hours you want from any location using our cloud-based Workchain system. You’ll be your own boss, but with our expertise on hand to support you every step of the way

  • Access your own recruitment dashboard
  • Work solo or with a friend
In it together
Supported every step of the way

Get started for free

Free for the lifetime of your business

One of the most amazing benefits of running a Libra Partnership is it’s completely free for your first £500 per week of profit.

So, you get business finance, payroll operation, invoicing, credit control, technical expertise, recruitment software, marketing and business advice completely free for the lifetime of your business. You only pay a fee if you exceed £500 per week in profit.

  • Free for the first £500 of weekly profit
  • Only pay a fee if you exceed this £500
In it together
Supported every step of the way

Who we are

We’re building
the future

Workchain started in 2006 as a recruiter in the logistics sector. We have since grown to over 100 experienced recruiters covering large parts of the UK.

  • 100+ experienced recruiters
  • Operating in 0 locations in the UK
Workchain Team
Workchain Team
Workchain Team

Libra partnerships

The best bits

Earn more

Earn more

We’ll take care of the payroll, billing and financial operations and send you your cut of the profit you generate each month. You’ll have access to expert tax advice to structure your pay in the most efficient way to maximise your earnings.

Work flexibility

Work flexibility

Once we provide you with access to our end-to-end recruitment system and a landline phone number you’re ready to go.

Get started in under an hour

Get started in under an hour

You’re in control of when and how often you work, giving a true work-life balance. And with our cloud based Workchain system you can operate from anywhere in the world.

Recruitment HQ

Recruitment HQ

With our system you’ll be able to recruit workers online with no face-to-face contact required (150,000+ workers have already signed up), manage your clients, create bookings and process digital timesheets.

Our reputation

Using the
Workchain brand

Operating under the Workchain brand will give your business instant credibility and unrivalled market reach. We’re not your typical recruitment agency. We combine cutting-edge tech with local account management to vastly improve the experiences for clients and workers.

  • 100,000 website hits each month
  • 500,000 marketing emails sent to companies and workers each month
Workers homepageEmployers homepage


Your chosen specialism

As part of our launch of Libra, Workchain are making a major
expansion into all business sectors in the UK.









Oil and gas




Work together

Choose your team

You can start a Libra partnership on your own and work from wherever you like. Or know a colleague you want to join forces with? Work together and split the profits.

We’ve got your back

Do what you
do best

One of the most important elements of Libra partnerships is being able to focus on what you’re great at.

When you’re operating on the Workchain rails, you’ll see how our system will reduce time-consuming administrative tasks to the click of a button allowing you to focus on sales and building lucrative client relationships.

  • Full payroll operation for your temp workers
  • Automated billing so you don’t need to raise invoices to your clients
  • Credit control and cash collection
  • Digital marketing campaigns to support your sales and recruitment
  • Technical experts continuing to build a platform that will give you the competitive edge in the market
  • Automatic business compliance and tax compliance

Recruitment HQ

The Workchain system

We’ve built three extensions to our system: worker, client and recruiter dashboards, enabling you to deliver cutting-edge recruitment solutions.

Workchain System

Check out some of the features...

Job advertising

Job advertising

It takes 2 minutes to post an advert that’ll definitely get noticed by job seekers. When you create an advert on Workchain it automatically posts to the leading job boards in the UK.

Job alerts

Job alerts

Our system sends out over 250,000 job alerts each month ensuring that we continue to re-engage candidates who have already signed up.

Online worker registration

Online worker registration

Our online sign up process operates 24/7, and we’ve already signed up 150,000 workers. Automated compliance checks means you can register a candidate in less than 15 minutes. You’ll never need to turn down business again.

Live availability

Live availability

All of our workers have access to our live availability system which receives over 4, 000 updates per hour. Filling client requirements has never been easier.

Bookings system

Bookings system

Creating a client booking takes under 30 seconds. Quickly find suitable workers using our unique intelligent matching technology and assign them to create digital timesheets.

Digital timesheets

Digital timesheets

Online timesheets for workers, which automatically calculate pay and charge meaning you can complete your weekly payroll in a fraction of the time and with 100% accuracy.

Prospect & client records

Prospect & client records

Fully digitized company records to enable you to manage your client contacts, keep up-to-date with your sales activities, set up charge rates and much more.

Margin reports

Margin reports

Transparent profit reports enable you to check your profitability, stay in control and work out what’s due to you each month.

Ready to be
your own boss?

There’s no barrier to starting your own recruitment business through a Libra partnership.

Get in touch for a chat, and you could be running your own business in under an hour!